Specialty Pediatrics

Specialty Care for Children

All providers and staff at New Kingdom Healthcare have respect for the additional challenges present when raising a child with special needs or behavioral concerns. To the best of our ability, we adjust our routines during the clinic visit experience to best match the comfort level of the child.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Wills and Dr. Bob provide care for families who have selected New Kingdom Healthcare as their primary care clinic and have established routine care.  Consultations are no longer given to patients maintaining care in outside clinics.

Dr. Laurel Wills is a board-certified pediatrician, available for consults and management for children needing her expertise. This typically includes overall planning and monitoring of progress, and care coordination with other professionals and team members.

Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician, with specialized undergraduate training and graduate studies in early childhood special education. This equates to almost 8 years of additional training beyond the typical pediatric certification. Complex cases will be reviewed in detail and referred if necessary.

New patient evaluation: This visit is reserved for patients with a yet to be determined diagnosis. Patients review materials, complete questionnaires and send copies of medical records prior to the visit if desired. This visit is dedicated to developing a plan to clarify a diagnosis, establish a treatment plan, or otherwise begin coordinating care if needed. Frequently, additional testing and referrals are required to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate assessment.

Recheck: For patients already established within the New Kingdom Healthcare system, frequent visits are often required to most appropriately manage complex health issues – often include discussions of medication or other treatment plans. Visits in the office are established with a frequency that allows for the most optimized care.

Succeeding Beyond Expectations

New Kingdom Halthcare

“When I went to see Dr. Bob, I felt like this would be the beginning of a long road of medication.  My eight year old had been struggling for years with academics, behavioral issues, and I feared the beginning of depression.  Dr. Bob was highly recommended by a friend who had been so satisfied with the care he provided.  I couldn’t believe that we walked out of there with nose spray and a recommendation to talk to the school about Special Education.  We followed his advice and my son is sleeping great, well-adjusted and succeeding beyond expectations.  I felt that Dr. Bob understood there was more than just prescription medications to help kids like mine.  I am so glad he was willing to try something that work so well!”

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