Adult/Pediatric Illness Care


Illness Care

Brief office visit: One straight forward issue that requires only a short time in the office for evaluation and treatment recommendations. Examples include a “head cold” or other symptoms such as pink eye, sinus infection, sore throat, ear pain, bladder infection, rash, etc.

Regular office visit: One complicated issue that requires an office visit such as asthma or allergy management, headaches, sleeping problems, stomach pain, dehydration, etc. Patients who have several “mild” conditions would also fit into this category (i.e., rash plus a cough).

Extended office visit: Several issues and/or a single complicated issue requiring extended time and effort in the office. This office visit type would include a patient who might need to be referred to a specialist, or requires coordination of care and medical records review.  Complex medical issues would fall into this category.

Awesome Clinic!

New Kingdom Halthcare

“My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how awesome your clinic is. We’ve never had a doctor seem so passionate and spend so much time with us. It’s really clear that you want the best for our little guy and you have no idea how much it means to us that you are so level headed and open to discussion for important/difficult medical decisions like vaccines. Plus your hours are amazing! So just want to let you know we’re so glad we found you – we have been looking for the best for our little peanut and I think we found it!”

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