We recognize that there are many available options for patients’ choice regarding care for the family. Some organizations have amazing quality, but at a tremendous financial cost. Other organizations are able to offer very attractive low prices for care, but sometimes have to sacrifice the personal relationships and quality of care parents have come to expect. A guiding philosophy of our clinic is to offer highest quality, lowest sustainable cost healthcare to our patients. Yes, in our broken healthcare system, some things are still very expensive in spite of attempts at lowering the price (think of the cost of fixing your brakes in your car). Other things are unnecessarily expensive even when a lower cost is reasonable and sustainable (such as a $100 oil change compared to a $15 oil change). We are committed to charging the lowest possible amount for any service we provide, allowing the clinic to grow and sustain (part of our mission) but letting the patients save money. Feels like a win-win.

Patients coming to New Kingdom have three options for payment:

1) The most common option for patients will be to pay any copay due at time of visit, and then we submit a claim to insurance on behalf of the patient. We are in network with all of the major insurance companies and add contracts whenever requested by a patient. Regardless, we only charge “in-network pricing” for all insurance companies.

2) A second option for patients is our self-pay (discount payment) option. This option is usually selected by patients without insurance, high deductible plans, or health savings accounts. Due to contractual obligations with insurance providers, patients must sign a waiver agreeing not to submit claims to insurance carriers. The benefit for the patient is an average 30-50% cost savings over the usual reimbursement rates for area insurances.

3) It is important to New Kingdom Healthcare that patients feel welcomed, cared for, and really develop a sense of relationship with us – regardless of ability to pay. To that regard, in special circumstances, payment plans or other arrangements will be discussed to those in need. New Kingdom will offer these special arrangements for up to 10% of patients seen in the clinic – once that percentage has been met the service may be suspended. Contact our reception team for details. There are some great cost-sharing programs that might be worth considering as well: Christian Care Ministry, Liberty Healthshare, Solidarity Healthshare, Samaritan Ministries or Christian Healthcare Ministries.