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New Kingdom Healthcare Policies

We are a values-based clinic and we love our patients unconditionally.  With that said, we are also a business so we’ve created a few policies that will allow us to sustain into the future.

Please call us with at least a 24-hour notice if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment. We are paying our providers and our staff to be here for you, at the time you agreed to arrive.  Patients who no-show (and do not call to inform us) will receive notification of our policy, and repeat occurrences will be asked to pay a “no-show fee” and may be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit on appointment times.

Patients with outstanding account balances will be offered an opportunity to work with our billing staff to become current on balances due.  We are unable to provide care for patients who choose not to partner with us to resolve past-due balances.

Succeeding Beyond Expectations

New Kingdom Halthcare

“When I went to see Dr. Bob, I felt like this would be the beginning of a long road of medication.  My eight year old had been struggling for years with academics, behavioral issues, and I feared the beginning of depression.  Dr. Bob was highly recommended by a friend who had been so satisfied with the care he provided.  I couldn’t believe that we walked out of there with nose spray and a recommendation to talk to the school about Special Education.  We followed his advice and my son is sleeping great, well-adjusted and succeeding beyond expectations.  I felt that Dr. Bob understood there was more than just prescription medications to help kids like mine.  I am so glad he was willing to try something that work so well!”

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