Pediatric Sleep Disorders Specialty Care

Pediatric Sleep Disorders Care

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Wills provides sleep medicine care for families who have selected New Kingdom Healthcare as their primary care clinic and have established routine care.  Consultations are no longer given to patients maintaining care in outside clinics.

Dr. Wills is a board-certified developmental-behavioral pediatrician, and a board-certified pediatric sleep medicine physician. She is available for consultation and management of pediatric sleep disorders for New Kingdom Healthcare patients.

Initial visits include a review of materials, complete questionnaires and copies of medical records prior to the visit as able. This visit is dedicated to developing a plan to clarify a diagnosis, establish a treatment plan, or otherwise begin coordinating care among a specialty team for sleep disorders. Frequently additional testing (possibly including a sleep study) are required to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate assessment/plan.

Sleep recheck: For patients already established within the New Kingdom Healthcare Sleep Clinic, recheck visits are often required to most appropriately manage complex sleep issues – visits in the office are established with a frequency that allows for the most optimized care.

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“My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how awesome your clinic is. We’ve never had a doctor seem so passionate and spend so much time with us. It’s really clear that you want the best for our little guy and you have no idea how much it means to us that you are so level headed and open to discussion for important/difficult medical decisions like vaccines. Plus your hours are amazing! So just want to let you know we’re so glad we found you – we have been looking for the best for our little peanut and I think we found it!”

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