Q: Are you a “regular” medical clinic? What makes you different from the other choices in the area?

A: We are indeed a “regular” medical clinic seeing adult and pediatric patients.  Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician with more than 12 years of experience as a top-rated (patient satisfaction and quality measures) physician. The other providers in the clinic are also board certified in their specialty and like Dr. Bob, have a “western medicine brain” and maintain a “natural heart” to meet families where they are in their health and wellness journeys.  There are three main categories of families that will be drawn to our New Kingdom Healthcare clinic. First, we respect and recognize the importance of true partnership with patients and members of our community. We support parent choice for alternative vaccine schedules, holistic care options, and help establish interdisciplinary and multi-specialty healthcare teams including chiropractic doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutrition specialists and healthcare coaches, homeopathy, therapists, and rehab specialists. Second, we provide access when parents need us. 7:00 A.M – we’re there. Lunch hour? We work through our lunch hours. After work, we’re there. Weekends, we are there. You can call us for a Sunday afternoon well child visit if that is what you need. YOU come first. Third, patients with developmental/behavioral issues will be happy to find our clinic truly specializes in this type of care, with a professional network of additional team members established to welcome and embrace them for as long as they need.

Q: We heard that you started as a pediatrics clinic, and are now seeing adults as well?

A: Dr. Bob Zajac left his job as a pediatrician in rural Minnesota to start a pediatrics clinic – one that focused on respect for patient choice (alternative healthcare options, vaccine choice, etc) – doing so in a safe, judgement-free environment.  After the first year of the clinic, over one hundred parents asked Dr. Bob for referrals to a “clinic just like this, but one that sees adults.”  After reflection, prayer, and focus group discussions, we decided to add adult care to our service offerings and welcomed our first adult-care providers in 2015.  We are all young at heart, and what a joy to see the smiles on the adult patient faces when they are greeted by the unicorn mural as they enter the clinic, and they receive their care in the “Fairy Room” sitting on a castle exam table!  In 2015, New Kingdom Pediatrics became New Kingdom Healthcare to honor the inclusion of our adult patients.

Q: Are you in network with any insurances, or do we need to pay cash for our visits?

A: We are excited to announce that we are a participating provider with many major insurance carriers, and are adding contracts as it becomes possible. We are in-network for many, but not all, plans and always recommend you call your insurance to verify your specific coverage. Unfortunately, there are some closed network plans that have not allowed us into their network.

Q: Are you a Christian clinic, or are all people welcome regardless of belief systems?

A: The foundation of the clinic is built upon values including trust, care, teamwork, respect, partnership, quality, sustainability, availability, healthy work environment, warm and welcoming facility, and peace. We welcome those who believe in Jesus, and we welcome those who do not. Our clinic will never judge or criticize beliefs, and hope to partner with families however we might to provide the best care for children. But yes, Dr. Bob Zajac is a Christian and prays for his patients each day and supports parents who desire a Christian perspective on parenting and healthcare. Whether Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or atheist, we love our families unconditionally.  Our clinic decor does not include religious symbols, and in our Eden Prairie location you will be greeted by wonderful murals on the walls of our reception area, hallways, and patient rooms.

Q: How on earth can you offer visits 7 days per week?

A: This is what busy parents and/or sick patients need. Healthcare should not be about the convenience of the physician, or business hours that maximize profits. Healthcare is about your family that needs a team to provide care. At the same time, patients are frequently faced with the challenges of balancing healthcare with other family responsibilities or commitments (work, daycare, vacation, etc.). While we cannot offer 24 hour service (yet), we want to make every effort to give the most convenient and sustainable options to make your parenting balance as easy as it can be. On average, the clinic is closed 1-2 days per month for staffing, training, or other reasons.

Q: Can we see you only for behavioral/mental health issues and continue to see our “regular” doctor for routine pediatrics care?

A: As of 2018, New Kingdom Healthcare only offers specialty care for families who have chosen us as their primary care clinic and have maintained established, regular care here.  We no longer provide services for patients receiving primary/established care at outside clinics. Our providers will work with you to make sure you have the most appropriate referrals for all your concerns and health conditions.

Q: This sounds great, but here is a harder question for you – what about families that prefer to have their healthcare managed by chiropractic doctors, homeopathic doctors, nutrition specialists, etc?

A: Not a hard question at all. The right choice for the care of a patient is the choice that feels best to the family after reviewing all available information and options. New Kingdom Healthcare is thrilled to be partnering with care providers in the community, believing that it is the best approach to optimizing the health and functioning of our families. With mutual respect, we work together with your other team members – complimenting each perspective in a way that provides the most comprehensive care for your family! We support and encourage referrals to other care providers in the community, and welcome their patients into our practice for partnership when desired.

Q: Are we allowed to just show up at the clinic and ask for an appointment?

A: For emergencies, patients will be directed to a community emergency room or we will help call 911 to active emergency services. Please consider calling first as we are typically booked solid each day, or occasionally for staffing/training (or Minnesota weather!) reasons we will close early.