Our hope at New Kingdom Healthcare is that patients will partner with us to learn about illness and conditions.  While this will likely decrease the need to come into the doctor’s office for certain types of visits, we are committed to empowering and helping patients truly understand what is happening with their health.

Preferred websites for patient education

eMedicine ( – Immediately learn about an illness or conditions at an advanced level, similar to material frequently referenced by nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians.  While it gets pretty “medical” this website is an authority source and can be trusted to represent traditional western medicine views.

Mayo Clinic (  – speaking of authority and trusted, what can be better than the Mayo Clinic?  Their website has more patient-friendly information, including lists of diseases/conditions as well as symptoms, drugs, tests/procedures, and first aid. ( – The HealthyChildren website has a wide array of pediatric/children-specific health information.  My favorite, though, is their symptom checker – helps parents read about a child’s symptoms and reviews the likely causes, when to seek medical treatment, and when to really worry!

Yahoo Health ( –  If you want to get away from medical jargon and read information at the “magazine” level, we have to admit that the Yahoo Health website does a pretty good job.  This is a fine place to come for a quick reference, perhaps before digging deeper into an illness/condition at a more comprehensive website.  This is probably better than a random “Google” search.

Ask Dr. Sears ( –   Dr. Sears is a pediatrician, but has established a more holistic approach to providing care.  As you’ll see from his website, many of the things discussed/reviewed are presented from a medical/scientific perspective, while respecting parent choice.  Many parents view Dr. Sears as an authority in bridging traditional western medicine and alternative healthcare choices.

The Pink Book ( – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publish and maintain a collection of research related to vaccine safety and efficacy.  This information is a compilation of the science behind vaccines, but unfortunately does not completely address some of the parent (or professional!) concerns regarding vaccines.


Favorite medical books/references

The American Academy of Pediatrics ( – while the website has helpful information, their bookstore is amazing.  Check it out for all of the top and respected medical references/books related to children.  Some of our favorites are “Caring For Your Baby and Young Child” as well as “My Child is Sick!”  Most of the information published by the AAP can be found on the websites above, but some of us like to actually sit down and read it in a book!

The American Academy of Family Physicians ( – this website is rock-solid and filled with detailed information on medical conditions for both the patient and the provider.

Dr. Sears – as above, check out the printed book collection from the Dr. Sears library.  Much of the information can also be found on his website, but the print copies of “The Vaccine Book” and “The Baby Book” have been very helpful for parents as they try to understand all perspectives and opinions related to important decisions for their child.


Parent and professional training and workshops

New Kingdom Healthcare provides detailed patient/professional training and workshop opportunities, with continuing education credits available for those interested.  These offerings will be announced through our clinic, special emails, and posted on our Facebook page.  Topics include general health, asthma, allergy, anxiety, medications, vaccines (etc.).  For special arrangements or for speaking engagements with Dr. Zajac or another members of our staff, please contact our reception staff.