Adult/Pediatric Wellness Care

Wellness Care

Yearly wellness visit: an otherwise healthy adult or pediatric patient with no other reason to come into the doctor’s office other than to review current health and recommendations for usual care throughout the year. This visit might include vision, hearing, development and weight assessment, screening questions for illness/disease, and physical examination. Forms for camp, daycare, athletics, etc. will be completed at this visit as well. Any vaccinations or laboratory testing incur additional charges.

Nurse-only visit: In some cases, you do not need to see a healthcare provider. For an established patient, our nursing team will coordinate vaccine-only visits (typically used during an alternative vaccine schedule) or vision/hearing/weight rechecks. All nurse-only visits receive provider review with nurse follow-up information provided. In some cases, providers may request an appointment if additional care is required/requested.


Our philosophy at New Kingdom Healthcare is to know the current recommendations for vaccination of children and adults (based on the Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publications) and to share that information with the patients. We then focus our efforts in supporting the parent/patient for choices they wish to make based on the information provided. We do not judge parents or patients, we do not exclude parents or patients from our practice, and in fact we embrace the opportunity for a true partnership in any vaccine or vaccine-preventable illness discussion. We believe there is some benefit to vaccination, and believe there are known/unknown risks with vaccines… but more than anything we also believe in vaccine choice.

Awesome Clinic!

New Kingdom Halthcare

“My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how awesome your clinic is. We’ve never had a doctor seem so passionate and spend so much time with us. It’s really clear that you want the best for our little guy and you have no idea how much it means to us that you are so level headed and open to discussion for important/difficult medical decisions like vaccines. Plus your hours are amazing! So just want to let you know we’re so glad we found you – we have been looking for the best for our little peanut and I think we found it!”

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